• Personalised Ironman and Triathlon Coaching

  • Personalised Ironman and Triathlon Coaching

  • Personalised Ironman and Triathlon Coaching

Vo2Coach caters for all levels, from beginner to elite, from a sprint triathlon to Ironman.

Welcome To Vo2Coach

Professional Online Triathlon and Ironman Coaching. Learn how to maximise your time and effort to get the best results with simple and effective techniques used by the worlds best triathletes modified to suit you.

Will It Suit Me?

Vo2Coach caters for all levels, from beginner to elite, from a sprint triathlon to Ironman.

So if you are wondering at the moment;

  • Am I doing the right training?
  • How do I achieve my goals?
  • How do I get faster?

Vo2Coach can help you. Before any programs are started you will fill out a comprehensive questionnaire which will cover areas such as previous athletic history, injuries, work commitments, goals, and numerous other details which will allow a specific program to be tailored to you.

Communication is essential in any successful coaching relationship and Vo2coach encourages feedback and honest communication.



Keegan on way to a 8hr12min Ironman at Challenge Copenhagen


Graham setting another swim course record


Graham on top of podium at New Zealand Half Ironman Championships


Setting the pace for Terrenzo


Graham setting course record at Taupo Half ironman


The Winning Feeling


Having fun on the bike

What Do I Get?

Here at Vo2Coach we strive to deliver a fully customised program to meet your needs.
We offer two great levels of programs available – Gold and Silver.

Meet The Team

Vo2Coach is the culmination of over two decades of combined knowledge from Keegan Williams and Graham Ogrady. They have trained and worked with some of the best coaches in the business and trained along side the sports very best. They have coached numerous Kona qualifiers, age group world champions, Overall Ironman winners through to first time finishers. Your triathlon dreams and aspirations will also benefit from the wealth of accumulated knowledge, experience and resources these two coaches have.

From beginners to elites, sprint triathlon to Ironman, Vo2Coach will customise a program to meet your needs and suit your everyday life and constraints. All athletes are different, with different personalities, body types, athletic age, athletic goals, background, family and work life, Vo2Coach again customises the program to suit you.

About Keegan


Keegan is one of New Zealand’s leading Ironman athletes, clocking the fastest ironman time in 2010 for a New Zealander of 8hr12min with a 2hr46 marathon. He has over 15yrs experience in endurance sport and has accumulated a wealth of experience and knowledge training alongside some of the best athletes and coaches in the world. You too can benefit from this knowledge to maximise your potential. Keegan fully understands that no two athletes are the same body type, athletic experience, jobs, family, goals, age, personality all effect the type of training required. The coach that has had the biggest influence on Keegan, is Brett Sutton. Brett has had more than 25 world champions in triathlon, and won two Hawaii World Championships with Chrissie Wellington. Keegan trained for 2yrs under the guidance of Brett while with teamTBB. Keegan has also trained with numerous world class athletes giving him a great insight into what make people tick. His overlying observation is that to achieve, you must have a very strong desire, and if you have this, anything is possible. Athletes such as Rebecca Keat, James Cunnama, Reinaldo Collucci, Steven Bayliss, Bella Bayliss and Erica Cosmor.

Some Recent Athletic Highlights
  • 2nd Challenge Copenhagen 8hr12min (2hr46min run)
  • 2nd Challenge Wanaka
  • 3rd Challenge Wanaka
  • 4th Ironman New Zealand
  • 4th Rev3 Cedar Point USA
  • 3rd Challenge Roth

About Graham


With over 10 years of training and racing at international level of competition Graham has observed and experienced many types of training. From training with the like of Cameron Brown (Ironman Champion) and Bevan Docherty (Double Olympic Medallist), Graham has accumulated a wide range of knowledge and experience that you too can access. Graham is passionate about Triathlon and wants to help you enjoy your sport and also achieve your goals no matter what they are…

Some Recent Athletic Highlights
  • 1st New Zealand Half Ironman Championships (3hr49min)
  • 1st 70.3 Rotorua
  • 1st 70.3 Karipiro
  • 2nd 70.3 Mooseman
  • 2nd /3rd Escape from Alctraz
  • Led out of water at 6 out of 8 races in 2010


At VO2Coach we have no set up fees, only your affordable monthly fee. Trainer Graham We offer three great plans to suit your needs and custom plans on request:

$320 NZ

per month ($240 US)


$200 NZ

per month ($150 US)


Payments are three months in advance however other payment plans can be arranged on request to suit.


  • "While I believe a good triathlon coach should embody numerous characteristics, for me, one of the most important is a coach’s ability to listen and adapt accordingly.

    Two years ago I was suffering with an aggravating neck injury and I was certain that my brief hiatus into triathlon was finished. During this time Graham listened and empathized with what I was going through and did what I believe coach should do: held me back when I needed to be, changed my training when it was appropriate to do so, and even (when possible) encouraged and pushed me to work harder. Two years later my neck pains have subsided and I've never enjoyed this triathlon journey as much as I do today. I've never won any awards in this sport, and I don't expect I ever will, but Graham’s coaching pushes me to where I want to be and that’s to a high level of fitness that still allows me to focus on other parts of my life (such as going to work each day).

    Without question Graham's coaching will get an age grouper striving for excellence onto the podium, and further it will also enable people like me to strive to healthier lot in life. Are you looking for a coach that will get you to where you want to go? Then Coach Graham is what you'll need."

    - David Jackman

    Calgary Alberta Canada
    9 x Iron Man Finisher
    Over 25 marathons run’s including 3 trips to the Boston Marathon.

  • "I signed up with Vo2 Coach in the hopes that I would make the N.Z age group triathlon team for the 2012 world championships, and as a full time mum I wanted to use my training time effectively. I wasn't disappointed. I am indebted to Keegan for guiding me to achieve far more than I would have dreamt I was capable of."

    - Rachel Hamill

    Some career highlights under Vo2coach: 2012 40-44 Standard Distance Triathlon World Championships - Winner. (and 2nd female age grouper over all)
    2012 40-44 Aquathlon World Championships - Winner
    2013 Noumea International Standard Triathlon Elite Woman - Winner
    2013 - N.Z Contact series Rotorua - Elite woman - Winner
    2013 - N.Z 40-44 Standard Distance Champion
    2013 - N.Z 40-44 Contact Triathlon series - Winner

  • "In 2011 I was turning 60 and I wanted to do something memorable. Having done a couple of triathlons in my late 50's and with the World Champs scheduled for Auckland I thought what a great opportunity to try and get a silver fern on my back so I enlisted Keegan to get me there. I am pleased to report I made the cut and finished inside the first 20. A very happy moment for me as I had no background in any of the disciplines. Keegan got me to the World Champs the following year in London and this year I hope to go to Chicago to compete wearing that silver fern. None of this would have been achieved without Keegan. His no fuss common sense coaching has been a great help to me."

    - Kim

  • "I was aiming to compete in my second Ironman NZ race and figured this time round, a coach my be a good option. In the local Cambridge paper we mentioned some results I had in local races and that I was looking for a ironman coach.Keegan was the only reply I received. I took the opportunity, and the work began. I only had 3 months training under his schedule before Ironman NZ rolled around. I won my 25-29 age group and set a course record.

    What I learnt from Keegans training schedule is that the 3 disciplines have to work in unison, there is a particular balance to it and I believe in the system Keegan sets. In 2011 Keegan suggested I have a crack at pursuing the sport professionally. Thinking he was being a bit ambitious, I took his advice anyway and gave it a shot. From competing in ironman as a means to keep fit around university and working, to racing on the professional circuit, I never dreamnt I could have pursued this sport as I have been able to. I have met so many inspiring, passionate and motivated people. Elliot, my family and I have travelled to some incredible places around the world and I have loved being able to train and compete all around New Zealand."

    - Candice

  • "Thanks to everyone for your support over the weekend at Ironman NZ. Had a great day out finishing 4th in my age group, although missing out on podium and a Kona spot by 89 seconds might haunt me! Big thanks to my coachGraham O'Grady Triathlete and training buddy sparkles. Next up Escape from Alcatraz triathlon in San Fransico"

    - Donna

  • "Your knowledge and support over the past months has been invaluable, I have confidence in myself and my training which reflects in my results, thank you Graham."

    - Mike

  • "Graham, thank you so much for the time and effort you put into making a balance program to fit around my family and work, not only I reached my goals but I feel fitter and healthier than ever."

    - Avon

  • "Thanks Keegan, just had a great race and a big PB at Challenge Copenhagen IM (9hr20min). Fitting in the training with the shift work has been a lot easier and productive thanks to your programs."

    - Emlyn

  • "Thanks so much Keegan for all the tips and advice, and the great program."

    - Helen
    Debut Ironman 11hr03min IMNZ 2009

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